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The IPCONFIG command line utility is present in all versions of Windows. IPConfig is one of the most commonly used Windows commands and is used to find out the IP address of a computer or to get information about all TCP/IP connections, network adapters and network computers.

In addition, in combination with various parameters, this command can be used to clear the DNS cache, release or update the IP address for a specific network adapter (if specified) or for all.

To run IPConfig, you need to open a command line with administrator rights, for this purpose press the Win+X key combination and in the context menu that appears select Command Prompt (Admin).

In the Administrator: Command Prompt window that opens, enter the command:


Press the Enter ↵ key.

The ipconfig command is designed to display basic network settings for all network adapters.

To display all network settings for all network adapters, run the command:

ipconfig /all

To display the contents of the DNS name resolution service cache, use the command:

ipconfig /displaydns

To clear and reset the contents of the DNS client cache, use the command:

ipconfig /flushdns

To release the current DHCP configuration and cancel the IP address configuration for all adapters, the command is used:

ipconfig /release

You can learn about the other IPCONFIG utility commands by executing the command:

ipconfig /?

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