How to watch video on Youtube frame by frame

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In some cases it is necessary to watch the video frame by frame so that you don’t miss any important details. This is especially true when watching various dynamic scenes or when watching a video tutorial, and using frame-by-frame viewing you can get the most detailed understanding of the process.

How to watch video on youtube frame by frame using the keyboard

This is a fairly simple way to watch youtube videos frame by frame.

What is needed to do this? The first is to pause the video with the space bar on your keyboard or press the pause button in the player itself and then use the angle bracket keys.

To look forward frame by frame, press the key >

To look backward frame by frame, press the <

Note that this method will only work if the video creator has encoded the video frame by frame. Most YouTube creators encode video frame by frame, so this method should work in most cases. If it doesn’t, use the method below.

How to watch youtube video frame by frame using the online service

Also to play videos from YouTube frame by frame, you can use the online service Anilyzer, which is positioned by its developers as a tool for professional animators.

Open the website, and paste the link to the video in the special field and click WATCH VIDEO.

Then the player opens with various options to control the playback speed.

There is also another online one called Watch Frame by Frame.

The principle of operation of this service is similar to the service presented above.

With the above methods, you can now watch youtube videos frame by frame.

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