Keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Edge browser


Microsoft Edge is a new browser from Microsoft Corporation. It is the default browser in Windows 10, and will only be available in the new version of the operating system. The Internet Explorer browser will also continue to exist for a while as part of Windows 10, but Microsoft Edge will be the primary web browser.

The table below summarizes the keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Edge to help you work faster with the browser. If you use keyboard shortcuts in other browsers, some of them will be familiar to you.

Alt + XOpen the ” Settings and other” side menu
Alt + F4Close the currently active window
Alt + DGo to the address bar
Alt + SpaceOpen the system menu of the active window
Alt + Left arrowGo to the previous page that was opened in the tab
Alt + Right arrowGo to the next page that was opened on the tab
Ctrl + “+”Zoom in on the page by 10%
Ctrl + “-“Zoom out the page by 10%
Ctrl + F4Close the current tab
Ctrl + 0Set page scale to default (100%)
Ctrl + 1Switch to tab 1
Ctrl + 2Switch to tab 2
Ctrl + 3Switch to tab 3
Ctrl + 4Switch to tab 4
Ctrl + 5Switch to tab 5
Ctrl + 6Switch to tab 6
Ctrl + 7Switch to tab 7
Ctrl + 8Switch to tab 8
Ctrl + 9Switch to the last tab
Ctrl + click on the linkOpening a URL in a new tab
Ctrl + TabSwitch forward between tabs
Ctrl + Shift + TabSwitch back between tabs
Ctrl + Shift + BShow or hide the favorites panel
Ctrl + Shift + LSearch using copied text
Ctrl + Shift + POpen the InPrivate window
Ctrl + Shift + RReload the current page, ignoring the content cache
Ctrl + Shift + TReopening the last closed tab
Ctrl + ASelect all
Ctrl + DAdd site to favorites
Ctrl + EOpen the search query in the address bar
Ctrl + FOpen “Find on page”
Ctrl + GView the reading list
Ctrl + HView history
Ctrl + IView favorites
Ctrl + JView Downloads
Ctrl + KDuplicate the current tab
Ctrl + LGo to the address bar
Ctrl + NOpen a new Microsoft Edge window
Ctrl + PPrint the contents of the current page
Ctrl + RRefresh the current page
Ctrl + TOpen a new tab
Ctrl + WClose the current tab
Ctrl + UView HTML code
Left arrowScroll the current page to the left
Right arrowScroll the current page to the right
Up arrowScroll the current page up
Down arrowScroll down the current page
BackspaceGo to the previous page that was opened in the tab
EndMove to the end of the page
HomeGo to top of page
F5Refresh the current page
F7Enable or disable key navigation
F12Open developer tools
TabMove forward through items on a web page, in the address bar, or in the Favorites pane
Shift + TabNavigate backward through items on a web page, in the address bar, or in the Favorites pane
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