How to check the WDDM version


Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) is a graphics driver architecture for graphics cards running Microsoft Windows, starting with Windows Vista. WDDM is a replacement for the Windows XP video driver architecture (XDDM/XPDM) and aims to improve graphics performance, new functionality and stability.

WDDM provides the functionality needed to visualize the desktop and applications using Desktop Manager, a composite window manager that runs on top of Direct3D.

WDDM also supports the new DXGI (DirectX Graphics Infrastructure) interfaces required for basic device creation and management operations. The WDDM specification requires a graphics card that supports at least Direct3D 9 and must implement interfaces up to Direct3D 9 for compatibility with older Direct3D applications, and WDDM can optionally implement interfaces for Direct3D 10/10.1 and above.

More information about WDDM can be found ➯ here.

How to check the version of WDDM supported by the graphics driver

To check (find out) the WDDM version supported by the graphics driver of your video adapter, press the Win + R key combination, type (copy and paste) dxdiag in the opened Run window and press Enter ↵.

In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window, select the Display tab and in the Drivers section you will see the supported version of WDDM.

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