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Windows 10 has the Calculator application installed by default, but few people know how modern and useful this application has become. The program that accompanied Windows 7 had only 2 modes of operation (normal and engineering), so users did not pay much attention to it and used it quite rarely.

Thanks to the Calculator used in the current version of the system, you can plot graphs, calculate areas, or even convert currency. If you didn’t know about these features and want to learn more about others, read our article “How to use the Calculator app in Windows 10”.

In this article, however, we will introduce you to the hotkeys that you can use in this application.

Hotkeys or hotkeys are special keyboard shortcuts (most often two) that, when pressed, quickly provide access to the desired function. You don’t need to click the mouse and go to various menus and submenus, just press two (or in some cases one or three) keys and the desired action will be performed.

You can open Calculator not only through StartPrograms, but also through Run command (Win + R and type “calc.exe“).

Common keyboard shortcuts

Hotkey or combinationExecutable command
Ctrl + Lerase data from Memory
Delete (Del)clear the entry, replaces pressing the CE button
Escclear all, replaces pressing the C key
Ctrl+Shift+Ddeleting data from the Journal
jump up (used to navigate in the Logbook, memory list and menus)
jump down (used to navigate in the Logbook, memory list and menus)
Tabtransition and focus on the next interface element
Spacefocused element selection
Alt + Icalls Logbook
Alt + Mcalls Memory

Switching between modes

Hotkey or combinationExecutable command
Alt + 1Normal
Alt + 2Engineering
Alt + 3Graphing
Alt + 4Programmer
Alt + 5Date calculation

Engineering mode

Hotkey or combinationExecutable command
F3application of the DEG unit of measure
F4RAD unit of measure application
F5application of the GRAD unit of measure
G2^ (button 2˟)
Ctrl + G10^ (button 10˟)
Shift + Sreverse sine sin¯¹
Ctrl +Shyperbolic sine function sinh
Ctrl + Shift+ Sinverse function of the hyperbolic sine sinh¯¹
Ttangent calculation tan
Shift + Tinverse tangent tan¯¹
Ctrl + Thyperbolic tangent tanh
Ctrl + Shift + Tinverse function of the hyperbolic tangent tanh¯¹
Оcosine calculation cos
Shift + Оinverse cosine cos¯¹
Ctrl + Оhyperbolic cosine cosh
Ctrl + Shift + Оinverse function of the hyperbolic cosine cosh¯¹
Usecant value calculation sec
Shift + Uinverse secant function sec¯¹
Ctrl + Uhyperbolic secant sech
Ctrl + Shift + Uinverse function of the hyperbolic secant sech¯¹
Icosequence value calculation csc
Ctrl + Ihyperbolic cosecant csch
Ctrl + Shift + Iinverse function of the hyperbolic cosecant function csch¯¹
Jcotangent calculation cot
Shift + Jinverse cotangent function cot¯¹
Ctrl + Jhyperbolic cotangent coth
Ctrl + Shift + Jinverse hyperbolic cotangent function coth¯¹
Ctrl + Yy√x
Shift + \|x|
Llogarithm log
Shift + LYx
Mconverting a number to degrees-minutes-seconds format dms
Ncalculate the natural logarithm ln
Ctrl + Ndecimalize E e^
Ppi entry
Xexponentize exp
Vpressing the “F-E” button

Plotting mode

Hotkey or combinationExecutable command
Ctrl + «+» (plus sign)schedule increase
Ctrl + «-»(minus sign)schedule reduction
Ctrl +0automatic view update

Programmer mode

Hotkey or combinationExecutable command
F2DWORD value
F3WORD value
F4BYTE value
F5HEX format
F6DEC format
F7OCT format
F8BIN format
F12QWORD data
A – Fwhen HEX is selected, allows you to select A – F
|NOR element
Spacetoggles the bit value
. (point)NAND element

Common keyboard shortcuts used in normal, engineering and programmer modes

Hotkey or combinationExecutable command
Ctrl + Mmemorialize
Ctrl + Pcommit to memory
Ctrl + Qsubtract from the value in memory
Ctrl + Rshow the value stored in memory
R1/x (in normal and engineering mode)
Qx² (in normal and engineering mode)
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